Our team of Portfolio Managers and Analysts are committed to providing you with a holistic, diversified and personalized investment experience. Our goal is to make it matter because your investments mean more than just a rate of return. Your goals, whether they are focused on ensuring a comfortable retirement, growing a business, taking care of later generations or something more intangible, must shape what we do.

Our goal to make it matter requires more than a few signed forms and a transfer of money. It requires us to understand you and that’s why we strive for regular communication.

We pride ourselves on being one of Alberta’s only independent portfolio managers. We commit to remaining independent and free from corporate influence or bottom-line objectives. It is your needs that will always drive our decisions and practices.


At Qube, we offer a number of investment options to our clients, all tied together by one constant: No matter the option that best fits your investment needs, our advice will always be based on informed opinions that are communicated and evaluated on a regular basis with the same rigorous level of research applied to each portfolio that we manage.


Qube’s direct stock-holding portfolio – Kaleo – provides an alternative to mass market investment products. We are able to offer our discretionary portfolio management service to investors who are seeking alternatives to mutual funds or brokerage wrap accounts and have minimum (household) investable assets of $250,000. Our investment management fees are purposefully competitive and are at all time transparent.


Qube constructed the Reserve Fund Portfolio to follow Schedule 2 Rules, an addendum to the Condominium Property Act (CPA). We offer this portfolio to condo boards with a minimum of $250,000 in investable assets. Investments are managed to provide long-term capital appreciation while maintaining liquidity.

iA Group
Savings Model

Qube has over 15 years experience managing Group Retirement Programs for companies in various industry sectors. We pride ourselves on being objective, impartial and committed to promoting financial literacy for plan members by actively engaging with employees on the benefits of saving for retirement.

iA Individual
Savings Model

iA Financial Group offers a diverse range of mutual fund investment options for their Savings and Retirement clients. Using these options, Qube has created an actively managed, globally diversified mutual fund model to help withstand the inherent volatility in the stock market. Your funds at iA Financial Group can offer guaranteed protection that is not available through direct investments.


While corporate-sponsored health plans provide employees protection from the expense of drugs, dental, vision and other healthcare services, they also offer a tax-efficient form of compensation. Private Health Service Plans (PHSPs), are a deductible expense to the corporation and a non-taxable benefit to employees. Meaning, employees can arrange, through a PHSP, to have medical bills paid on their behalf, without attracting income tax.

Qube offers a cost-effective and straightforward PHSP kit for small businesses. We can help you set up a tax-compliant PHSP, where a one-time, flat fee gets you a comprehensive Plan Kit with all the necessary training needed to self-administer a corporate health plan.


Let’s talk about what a PHSP could mean for your business