What we now call “Qube” was founded in 2000 and became a registered portfolio management firm in the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia in 2011. We are one of the few Canadian Portfolio Managers that are independently owned and operated. Our team members are passionate about investment research and the development of new financial planning strategies.

We currently have over $183 Million under management, using National Bank Financial as a professional custodian for our direct stock-holding portfolios. Qube is a member of the UNPRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment), Canadian SIO (Social Investment Organization) and CBERN (Canadian Business Ethics Research Network). 


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We grow wealth, not just your investments:

We are more than just an investment management firm. At Qube we take a big picture approach by focusing on growing the wealth of our clients, not just the value of their investments. Our registered team members advise on all matters that pertain to your wealth planning needs, including retirement projections, tailored tax optimization strategies, set-up and management of charitable foundations, corporate retirement plans, and estate/succession plans. 


We help plan your retirement:

Its not just an investment account, its your retirement!  But, what does this mean?  Let us help you do some retirement planning and goal setting.

Our retirement projections are provided to help you clarify your retirement plans and are continuously updated. We want to help answer questions such as "How much do I need to save for my retirement?" "How large of a portfolio will I need for retirement?" and "How much can I realistically expect to spend once I am retired?" Our proprietary model takes into account tax implications and the sensitivity of resulting income expectations to future growth assumptions. 


We help Minimize Your Taxes:

At Qube we don't believe that aggressive tax-planning is required in order to significantly reduce your tax bill. We advise on a number of strategies that can provide our clients with meaningful benefits, without creating any undue tax liability risks. These tax-planning strategies include:   

  • We specialize in the implementation and management of Individual Pension Plans (IPP); 
  • We coordinate your investment accounts in order to maximize tax-efficiency;
  • We can provide estate/succession planning and advise on the appropriate application of life insurance if desired.


Focusing on your corporation:

We've been assisting business owners and executives with pension, investment and tax planning ideas since 2000. We are commonly referred by accountants and lawyers who have clients that want to:

  • Invest their corporate surplus in a tax preferred manner;
  • Offer a more engaging group savings plan to their employees;
  • Initiate a self-administered Private Health Services Plan (PHSP).


Becoming an inspired philanthropist:

Our foundation provides the same investment management principles for invested charitable funds as QIM does for our personal investment portfolios. If you are interested in becoming a philanthropist and/or leaving a legacy, consider setting up your own charitable fund with us.

In doing so, you can be assured that:

  • We will assist in the registration and management of your charitable foundation;
  • We support named donor-advised funds under the umbrella of our Public Foundation;
  • We undertake planning to maximize your tax savings from contributions;
  • We assist our recipients with management advice, performance measurement and operational efficiency, in addition to financial support; 
  • We report all activities of our foundation to our donors in a highly transparent manner.



Corporate responsibility is not inherent in our system and it should not rest within government regulation. Responsible corporations begin with those who own the shares—the owners. Shareholder activism is proven to increase corporate accountability and, in turn, share value. We perform shareholder engagement activities to encourage higher levels of social responsibility from management that, in turn, support higher share values for our investors. We take this duty seriously.

We have a passion for investigating and monitoring companies; conducting our own social responsibility review of potential companies to ensure that they demonstrate the following:

  • Transparent executive compensation and accounting practices
  • Environmentally sustainable operations
  • Active partnerships in the communities in which they operate
  • Positive relationships with all stakeholders, including employees and shareholders

“Qube helped me to envision how my investments become my retirement.”

— Bob Hahn, CA