Responsible Investing

For more than a decade, Qube has been helping investors wisely invest retirement and pension money. Today a greater number of people are looking for more than just financial results. They want to ensure they're investing in companies that perform well on all levels. Our clients hold investments that are selected based on their quality of earnings and social responsibility.

“Qube helped me envision how my investments become my retirement.”

— Bob Hahn, CA

Boutique Advisory Service

As a portfolio management firm, we aim to excel in communication, evaluation and performance, to deliver a boutique advisory service for our clients. We have a passion for building portfolios with companies that:

  • Earn growing and predictable profits
  • Pay dividends
  • Have financial statements and business plans we can understand and analyze
  • Care about the impact they have on the community in which they operate

Latest Commentary

Qube fights for responsible
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