Who are Reserve Funds for?

This model is managed for condo boards with a minimum of $250,000 in investable assets. Investments are managed to provide long-term capital appreciation while maintaining liquidity.

It is appropriate for condo boards who want to invest in more than GICs. The model is a blend of equity, fixed income, and cash equivalents. Returns are expected to have minimal volatility.

How do we
manage this investment?

Qube constructed the Reserve Fund Portfolio to follow Schedule 2 Rules, an addendum to the Alberta Condominium Property Act (CPA). In the Portfolio Qube holds:

  • 15% Public Equities (Kaleo Portfolio)

  • 35% Government Fixed Income

  • 35% Corporate Fixed Income

  • 15% Money Market Funds

Performance is measured on a three-year return net of fees. This portfolio’s benchmark is 7.5% MSCI World Index, 7.5% S&P TSX Total Return Index, 70% iShares Core Canadian Universe Bond Index, and 15% Cash CAD.

and Reporting

Portfolio performance is reported quarterly to board members. Qube then presents annually to the board, providing updates on the portfolio. At this time, Qube also plans for withdrawals based on reserve fund study reports.

Qube’s Reserve Fund Investment Model

You can receive more detailed information from Qube’s team. Please consult professional advice prior to investing to ensure your investment is appropriate based on your tolerance for risk.

Lead Portfolio Manager: Ian Quigley, MBA
Client Relations Contact: Michael Baker, MBA