Qube Commentary (Q4)

9 January 2022


 If rolling dice is gambling, can we argue that using relative ratios (like P/E) to determine our investment decisions is the same? Let us usher in 2022 with the goal of proving that there is more to investing than luck and hocus-pocus. It is truly a craft, masoned by a small group of professionals- including us at Qube.

Qube Commentary (Q2)

4 July 2021

Inflation? Or Economics In Action​

Soaring prices have been appearing in countless headlines over the past few months. More and more, it seems inflation is looming like a dark cloud when we reach for our wallets.

Are we experiencing a return to high inflation, or simply the forces of supply and demand economics in action?

Qube Commentary (Q4)

11 January 2021

Time to Celebrate Uncertainty Again?

2020 is now behind us. It is fair to assume that you are eagerly anticipating less complicated times with less uncertainty. Permit us to challenge you to reconsider.

Qube Commentary (Q2)

10 July 2020

Matter of Perspective

It would be a gross understatement to state that the past six months have been “crazy”. Thinking on this has caused us to ask ourselves, “Are we condemned to repeat the past?”

Qube Commentary (Q4)

18 January 2020

Elections and Markets

As the election season heats up, investors should think twice about making changes to their portfolios purely in response to polling results.

Qube Commentary (Q2)

4 July 2019

QUBE Hunts for Treasure

I left him a voicemail telling him that, despite what they said in court, I thought he was a hero and wanted to make him the lead story in our next research commentary.

Qube Quarterly (Q4)

28 February 2019

KALEO Manifesto 2019

Perhaps it’s always been thus, but as 2018 came to a close, it was hard to shake the feeling that the world today is in a precarious spot.

Qube Quarterly (Q3)

1 October 2018

The Investment All-Stars: 2018 Edition

Jesse Livermore was the iconic American boy living the American dream. In a few short years, he would transform his modest beginnings and elevate his role from street kid to a king: King of the Modern Stock Market. If investment managers were put on playing cards, Jesse’s card today would be one of the most cherished.

Qube Quarterly (Q2)

10 August 2018

Reward. Risk. Reward. Risk. Reward.

My phone rang next. A reporter wanted to know what I thought would happen to the global stock markets. I was numbed and unable to offer an intelligent response. Thousands of people were dying before our eyes. Why would anyone care about the stock markets at a time like this?

Qube Quarterly (Q1)

12 February 2018

Choppier Waters Ahead: A Return of Volatility in 2018

The dramatic spike in market volatility this year has understandably caused some unease, especially when viewed against the backdrop of last year’s relative calm.