Qube Quarterly (Q4)

8 January 2015

Poking the Bears? Looking Ahead to 2016

With the proliferation of mutual funds in recent decades, this key connection between shareholders and management has been lost. What shareholder ever considers attending an Annual General Meeting (AGM) anymore? Herein lies the potential source of very expensive troubles for investors…

Qube Quarterly (Q3)

22 October 2015

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Scandal? There Are Lessons to be Learned

Stalin wanted it first but failed. Hitler tried in 1934 and was successful. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, Germany got its car for the masses, the VW Beetle. Russia got the Lada (and nobody cares who designed it).

Qube Quarterly (Q2)

6 July 2015

Pruning For Growth: How Do We Manage the Portfolio to Ensure Long-Term Growth?

What is a company worth? For long-term investors, the answer lies in a company’s past, present, and future.

Qube Quarterly (Q1)

6 February 2015

Straying From the Flock: Just How Wise Are the Crowds and is it Good to Stray From the Consensus?

In the summer of 1906, Dr. Francis Galton attended a country fair in rural England. Galton worried about the future of mankind and believed its destiny hinged on being able to find and promote the most exceptional individuals in society.