The study of Behavioural Finance is inherently nuanced, complex, and never accurately determined by a short quiz--so take this result as a mere estimate of what you may be! Discussing the results with your portfolio manager will allow you to discover the techniques available to you for assistance on your wealth management journey.

When you took the Active or Passive Investor Quiz, which result did you get?

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If you purchase a security on the belief that the company is poised to grow and then the company announces that a series of (very difficult to understand) accounting changes may affect its growth, what do you do?

Do you like to 'bucket' your different accounts for different savings goals (ie. TFSA for a new car or wedding, RRSP for retirement, etc.)?

You were gifted a watch from your company. The watch isn't necessarily your style and you believe the watch is worth 300 dollars. Someone interested in the watch offers you 200 dollars for it and you have no other offers. Do you sell the watch?

Which would you rather place a bet on if the reward of winning was the same?

When you think about your goals for retirement, which option represents what you think about most?

Do you think you're good or skilled at gambling?

Do you believe that you should decrease the amount of investment risk you take on (and lower your potential return) if you have a need to withdraw a portion of the funds in the short-term?

You're looking to find a new plumber using a Google search. How likely are you to scroll to the second page of the search results?

Say you own some common stock that has lost 25% in the last quarter and has no foreseeable rebound. Are you most likely to:

Do you believe that when a specific industry is doing exceptionally well in the market, the market is bound to 'burst' and go through a drastic correction (ie. housing market crash in 2008, or the tech bubble in 2001)?

Do you tend to pick your own numbers on a lottery ticket?