Are you more of an active or passive investor? Make sure to take note of the results--you'll need to remember them for the 'Which BIT Are You?' quiz!

Is the amount of wealth you have attributable to investing in a growth portfolio?

A growth portfolio is referencing the type investments you have put yourself into- did you choose riskier stock? Or a mutual fund or ETF with 'aggressive' or 'growth' in the description?

Is your wealth goal intended to continue your current lifestyle or are you motivated to build wealth at the expense of your current lifestyle?

Do you find it difficult to delegate some control over your investments or do you prefer it?

Has employment income been the main source of your wealth?

Would you rather take on debt to generate higher returns, or just invest a smaller amount?

Do you have faith in your abilities as an investor?

If you won the lottery which offered you either a lifetime guaranteed income OR a lump-sum payment today, you would choose the: