Looking to build a Private Health Service Plan (PHSP) but unsure about the ins and outs? Qube Invest is your go-to for any advice and insight into everything PHSP. Read on to learn more about how Qube Invest can make your PHSP work for you.

What Is a Private Health Service Plan (PHSP)?

A Private Health Service Plan (PHSP) is a non-taxable medical benefit that can be paid to company employees. A PHSP is also a deductible expense to a corporation, meaning it can reduce income taxes owed in the future.

Qube Invests offers small businesses a comprehensive PHSP kit that saves you money. Understanding that there are options when it comes to cost-efficiency for your health service plan and how taxation works when it comes to corporate health plans can help get you the best coverage for a better price.

Why Choose a Private Health Service Plan?

A corporation establishes a notional maximum amount for providing their employee’s healthcare coverage. Due to taxation, the corporation usually spends much more than what the employee is tangibly using. Having a PHSP kit allows you to provide your employees with coverage that works for their needs and yours, as well.

With high tax rates in various provinces, a tax-free option can mean significant savings without compromising on the products and services of an excellent healthcare plan. Employees can still enjoy access to a number of services, including but not limited to dental work, prescription coverage, massage, physiotherapy, eye-care, and more.

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Finding a manageable and cost-efficient PHSP for your business is essential. When you work with Qube Invest for your PHSP needs, you are working with certified professionals who are able to bring years of experience and education to every consultation.

Qube is registered with the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC). This designation means that the Qube team is bound to certain fiduciary obligations when it comes to providing financial counsel and managing assets. While many individuals seeking financial advice look to big banks and brokers, the reality is that those advisors rarely have the same set of obligations or certifications as Qube. Choosing Qube means that you are working directly with a qualified, certified and registered team backed by their impressive list of qualifications.

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