Are you looking for some guidance on Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP)? Qube Invest is able to help you learn more about this topic and prepare you for your future retirement. It’s never too early to get educated regarding retirement.

Qube is one of Alberta’s only independently owned and operated financial management firms. As experts in everything RRSP, our team of expert analysts and consultants is always on your side to help you meet your financial goals for your retirement. Read on to learn more about our RRSP support today.

What is An RRSP?

An RRSP is an account that is used to keep your savings or investment assets in one place. RRSPs can be confusing for clients because they come with their own parameters when it comes to taxation. RRSPs are preferred because the funds are not taxed, making assets and savings maintain their value as long as they continue to be held. Tax usually has to be paid if you receive payments from your plan.

The Canadian Revenue Agency has its own regulations regarding RRSPs, including how they should be handled. This includes rules around deductions, contributions, and several other aspects. With these highly regulated accounts, having a trusted partner in the management of your group RRSP is essential to make sure your money is handled appropriately.

Group RRSPs are very similar to individual RRSPs. Group RRSPs are sponsored by your employer and apply to a group of employees. With Group RRSPs, your payments are removed from your pay and funnelled into investments of your choice. Your employer may match contributions up to an amount if they choose. These matched contributions are taxable as income.

Trust Qube With Your RRSP Today

Qube Invest provides a boutique-style approach to our financial services. By focusing on individual client needs and assessing your finances through one-on-one consultation, we better understand your life goals. Our consultants are highly educated finance professionals with career insight and expertise to match. We are proud to bring our extensive educational and professional backing to our clients to ensure they get the best support when choosing their RRSP.

We are able to fulfill your needs as your financial situation changes through life. Helping you manage and grow your money means being available to you, which is why we do not use 1-800 numbers to service our clients. Instead, you are connected to our financial experts when you call us, saving you time and getting you the support you need immediately.

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