Working with a wealth management firm that you can trust is an excellent way to improve your finances and reach your goals. With Qube Invest, you get a wealth management firm that is invested in your success. As certified professionals in wealth management, we use our expertise to provide one-on-one service that helps you improve your finances and learn more about how to make your money matter. Read on to learn how our wealth management firm can improve your life.

More Than Portfolio Management

Qube Invest is a wealth management firm that works to make your money matter. With Qube Invest’s set of services, we can help you build your portfolio and make the most informed decisions when it comes to your money.

When it comes to supporting you, we are more than our services. We actively provide informative sessions with our clients to help provide a more holistic approach to wealth management. Helping you have a better understanding of how your money can make an impact long-term is our goal.

Along with our commitment to financial education, Qube Invest is proud to offer services such as:

  1. Kaleo Direct Stock-Holding Portfolio
  2. Reserve Funds
  3. iA Group Savings Model
  4. iA Individual Savings Model
  5. Private Health Service Plans (PHSP)

Our services are available to you at one transparent rate, with no surprises. We do not charge you hidden fees in order to remain transparent for all of our clients.

Connect With Your Consultant

A major plus to our service is that we provide one-on-one counsel instead of a 1-800 number. When you call Qube Invest, you get a consultant who has worked on your case and can get you the information you need as soon as they pick up the phone. You can trust that having a personal connection with your consultant leads to better results. Save time and make your money matter by connecting with our team of certified professionals every time you call.

Work With Registered Finance Professionals

Qube Invest is proud to be registered with the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC), setting our fiduciary standards higher than our competitors. This designation is just one of many that our analysts and consultants proudly hold. With our standards higher than conventional brokers and other non-registered financial advisors, we bring our educations, expertise and professional accolades to advise you better. Ensuring we are educated on all aspects of finance is essential to get you the best results with the most well-researched and informed advice possible.

Ready to Learn More?

Our team is here to make your money matter. Contact us to learn more about Qube Invest today.