When setting up a reserve fund for your condominium, it is important to have a trusted team of experts to bring you the best possible option. Qube Invest is able to provide unparalleled insight and support on your finances, including how to understand reserve funds and the things you should consider when looking to establish one. Read on to learn more about our reserve fund portfolio today and how you can optimize your fund.

Understanding Reserve Funds

Qube Invest is proud to manage reserve fund portfolios for condo boards with minimum investable assets of $250,000. Our reserve fund portfolios follow Schedule 2 rules. This model was created to provide our clients with sustained capital growth without compromising liquidity. The model operates via equity, cash equivalents and fixed income, with expected low return volatility.

With condominiums facing potential renovations or maintenance requirements, reserve funds were created to provide a reliable solution to major costs that can be incurred as a result. Funds can be of different sizes but are established to cover large-scale projects that occur. Essentially, this fund acts as a saving account, available for future use. Reserve funds are a way to further support the upkeep of the condo and make sure necessary and costly maintenance and renovations are made.

Reserve Fund Portfolio Management

Qube is able to manage your reserve fund portfolio through the following breakdown:

  • 15% Public Equities (Kaleo Portfolio)
  • 35% Government Fixed Income
  • 35% Corporate Fixed Income
  • 15% Money Market Funds

Our benchmark is 7.5% MSCI World Index, 7.5% S&P TSX Total Return Index, 70% iShares Core Canadian Universe Bond Index, and 15% Cash CAD. This portfolio is reviewed on a three-year return net of fees. We offer quarterly reports to board members to ensure members are fully informed. Qube also presents to the board each year with relevant updates and establishes any new plans regarding withdrawals that can arise with new information.

Ready to Learn More?

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