We pride ourselves on our competitive fees
for discretionary investment management.

We know that many factors contribute to investing success. Although we cannot control every factor, one factor that is in control is the cost charged for portfolio management. At Qube, we offer competitive pricing. Typically, we charge less than what you would expect to pay to an institutional wealth manager. We offer a tiered fee structure that is charged monthly and based on our total assets under administration. As your assets grow, our fees lower.​

We also offer a loyalty discount of 0.3% after your first 36-months of investing with us. For us, relationships matter and it is one way we say thank you to our clients.

Qube’s First 36-Month Fee Schedule

qube investment fees

Qube’s Loyalty After 36-Months Fee Schedule

qube investment fees
* Standard Accounts: Include RRSP, LIRA, RRIF, TFSA, LIF, TFSA, Non-Registered, Joint and Corporate
** Non-Standard Accounts: Pension Trust, Foundation & Other Non-Standard Accounts

Working directly with a Portfolio Manager is a little different from a fees perspective than when purchasing a mutual fund or dealing with an investment advisor/broker. We believe fees are important to our clients, and we position ourselves to not only be competitive but also transparent.